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Johnson Controls likely out, Wanxiang in as A123 System owner

By / December 11, 2012

Chinese bidders apparently see more value in A123 Systems than the leading United States suitor, and, according to an article in the New York Times and in reports in other business news outlets, will probably walk away with most of the lithium battery maker. The paper reports that Wanxiang Group‘s offer of $256 million for…

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Facing diminishing capital, losses and 53% revenue drop, A123 takes lifeline from Chinese auto parts maker

By / August 9, 2012

Most all of us in the ceramics field, to greater and lesser extents, have been rooting for A123 Systems to succeed, so its been painful to see the company in recent months entering what appears to be a death spiral. Yesterday, with the release of A123’s Q2 financial reports and the official announcement of a…

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