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Engineered nanoglass material could clean up petro drilling, past and present

By / October 26, 2012

In one of our news “roundups” posted last week, there was a brief mention of NSF support for work being done on a family of organically-modifiable silica products that is being developed under the Osorb brand name. I think it is worth taking a little deeper look at this material and what it could do, given…

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By / January 24, 2012

Check ’em out: Ceramic components help make motors greener The newest requirements for electric motors as a result of the European Energy Using Products directive came into effect in June 2011 and many manufacturers are now reviewing ways to make their products more efficient. Increasing energy efficiency through motor design is just one consideration encompassing…

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Carbon nanotube aerogel developed for low cost, industrial scale

By / May 3, 2010

Scientists at the Paul Pascal Research Center in France have developed an industrial-scale method for low cost manufacturing of carbon aerogels from agglomerated carbon nanotubes. According to the patent application (PDF), fabrication includes the following steps: (1) preparing an aqueous dispersion of carbon nanotubes in water in the presence of a dispersing agent; (2) forming…

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