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Preventing corrosion with ultra-thin layers of aluminum oxide

By Faye Oney / April 20, 2018

Researchers have discovered that a solid aluminum oxide protection layer can deform like a liquid, possibly protecting metals from environmental elements. Their discovery could solve degradation problems that contribute to rust and corrosion.

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Perovskite structure photovoltaics key to new solar-cell production process

By Jessica McMathis / February 20, 2014

Engineers at UCLA have discovered an innovative process that uses photovoltaic materials in the production of “highly efficient” solar cells.

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Other materials science stories that may be of interest

By / August 7, 2012

Check ’em out: Five years after I-35 collapse, big leap in bridge sensors (Futurity) Five years after the deadly I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, advances in sensors are making warning systems more affordable and practical. A new generation of these devices is needed to adequately monitor the nearly 150,000 US highway bridges, about one-in-four listed…

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