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Function over form: ‘Smarter’ textiles pave way for clothes that do more than cover

By Stephanie Liverani / September 16, 2016

From textiles that effectively dissipate body heat, to fabric that harvests energy from the sun, to computers sewn right into our sweaters, check out some of the latest innovations in “smart” clothing.

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The American Ceramic Society announces 2013 Class of Fellows

By Eileen De Guire / April 9, 2013

The American Ceramic Society is pleased to announce that 18 members will be elevated to Fellow status in 2013. The Fellow designation recognizes ACerS members who have distinguished themselves through outstanding contributions to the ceramic arts or sciences, broad and productive scholarship in ceramic science and technology, conspicuous achievement in ceramic industry, or by outstanding…

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Zhong-Lin Wang takes nanoscale piezo energy scavenging to heart

By / June 11, 2010

ACerS member Zhong-Lin Wang continues to make interesting progress on developing nanowire power generators and other energy-scavenging devices, and recently has demonstrated a nanogenerator that can be powered by the motion of a beating heart or the flexing of diaphragms and lungs. When I last wrote about Wang in early 2009, he was demonstrating a…

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Georgia Tech group creates 3D photovoltaic system

By / November 3, 2009

What if there was a way to create a material covered with tiny 3D solar collectors instead of the typical 2D flat photovoltaic systems (and in this context flexible PV sheets still count as two-dimensional)? And, what if you could “feed” these collectors with sunlight via optical fibers? Then you might be able to tuck…

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Creating alternating current with piezoelectrics

By / January 8, 2009

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a micro-scale “flexible charge pump” that produces alternating current by utilizing the piezoelectric properties of cyclically stretched and released zinc oxide wires. “The flexible charge pump offers yet another option for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy,” says project leader Zhong-Lin Wang, director of GIT’s Center…

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