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Technical Program


S1 Characterization of Structure-Property Relationships in Functional Ceramics
S2 Advanced Electronic Materials: Processing Structures, Properties, and Applications
S3 Frontiers in Ferroic Oxides: Synthesis, Structure, Properties, and Applications
S4 Complex Oxide Thin Film Materials Discovery:  From Synthesis to Strain/Interface Engineered Emergent Properties
S5 Mesoscale Phenomena in Ferroic Nanostructures: Beyond the Thin-Film Paradigm
S6 Complex Oxide and Chalcogenide Semiconductors: Research and Applications
S7 Superconducting and Magnetic Materials: From Basic Science to Applications
S8 Structure-property Relationships in Relaxor Ceramics
S9 Ion Conducting Ceramics
S10 Current Challenges in Microstructural Evolution: From Basic Science to Electronic Applications
S11 Electronic Materials Applications in 5G Telecommunications
S12 Thermal Transport in Functional Materials and Devices
S13 From Basic Science to Agile Design of Functional Materials: Aligned Computational and Experimental Approaches and Materials Informatics

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