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United Kingdom Chapter

united-kingdom-map-croppedThe UK Chapter of The American Ceramic Society serves ACerS members in London and the United Kingdom for the purpose of promoting the arts and sciences connected with ceramics and glass science and engineering. Events such as workshops, industrial showcases, and seminars are planned to enhance and facilitate the interaction, technical discussions, and potential collaborations between ACerS members in the UK.  These will focus on the development of early career researchers  to present their work to our members, provide publicity for job opportunities, and the establishment of networking collaborations.


The Chapter is headquartered at Imperial College London, Department of Materials.


Chair:  Dr. Eugenio Zapata-Solvas


Secretary: Mr. Matthew Porter


Treasurer: Dr. Luc Vandeperre


For more information on the UK Chapter, contact Dr. Eugenio Zapata-Solvas, Chair of the UK Chapter, at eugenio.zapata-solvas@imperial.ac.uk.


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UK Chapter’s  Workshop on Sustainable Manufacturing of Advanced Ceramics Proves Popular 


The UK Chapter of The American Ceramic Society and the University of Sheffield co-organized a workshop on “Sustainable Manufacturing of Advanced Ceramics” held at the Materials Science & Engineering department of the University of Sheffield on September 12,  2017. This is the second event for the UK Chapter since its formation in October 2016. This workshop was well-attended with approximately 60 participants. It was remarkable that more than 50% of the attendees came from out of Sheffield (35), from either academia or industry. Universities from different UK locations were represented, such as Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Loughborough, Birmingham, Oxford, Surrey, University College of London, Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London. Also, there was an increased attendance from companies staff compared to our first meeting and 30% of the attendees (18) were coming from industry and 10 different companies were represented, such as Johnson Matthey, Morgan Advanced Materials, Lucideon, Precision Ceramics Ltd, Heraus Electro-Nite UK, Precision Ceramics Ltd., NovaMat Limited, Washington Mills Electro Minerals Ltd., Thales UK, Deregallera Ltd. and Refracto-Ceramics Consultancy Ltd.   Read more here.


Click here to view photos of the event.



Upcoming UK Chapter Meetings


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Other Events of Interest for the UK Ceramics Community


Sustainable Functional Materials 2018, April 17-18, 2018


UK Chapter Holds First Meeting

The first meeting of the UK Chapter of The American Ceramic Society was held at the Department of Materials at Imperial College London on March 15, 2017.  A total of 55 were present for the meeting and it is remarkable that nearly half of those attending were from outside of London–from as far as St. Andrews in Scotland, and some other areas around the UK, such as Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Loughborough, and Oxford. This is a testament to the willingness of the UK ceramic community to participate in UK Chapter events!


There was continuous interaction between researchers from academia and industry as 12 participants were from industry representing seven different companies (Johnson Matthey, Morgan Advanced Materials, Lucideon, British Federation of Ceramics, Electrosciences, NovaMat and Nutec Bickley Kilns). It was remarkable the interest of young graduates and undergraduates as they represented approximately one-third of the audience of what could be considered a perfectly balanced mix of experienced researchers, industry people, early-career researchers, and students.


Eugenio Zapata-Solvas, Chair of the UK Chapter, reports that the attendees completely enjoyed the meeting and showed a strong interest on future events of the UK Chapter. The success of the meeting is directly related to the top quality researchers who presented from academia and industry. A variety of topics were discussed:

  • ACerS President Bill Lee provided a description of the UK Chapter and an explanation that the Chapter was formed as a service to ACerS members in the UK and is not in competition with other societies
  • Dr. Laura Cohen (British Confederation of Ceramics) discussed how the Brexit could affect ceramic manufacturers in the UK and how the British ceramic confederation supports ceramic community
  • Dr. Amanda Quadling (Morgan Advanced Materials) facilitated discussion on the use of regulation norms as a resource to commercialize research products in different part of the world
  • Ms. Theresa Davey (Chair, ACerS PCSA) presented opportunities in ACerS for students
  • Professor John Irvine (University of St. Andrews) discussed the similarities between the shore in Scotland with microstructure at nanoscale level observed in solid oxide cells
  • Professor John Provis (The Sheffield University) led a discussion on how cement researchers could spend hours discussing what makes cement go hard
  • Professor Ian Reaney (The University of Sheffield) discussed how ceramics with high dielectric constants could be fabricated below 200°C for use as antennas in smartphones
  • Professor Bala Baidhyanathan (Loughborough University) made the attendees dream about a contactless sintering chain able to fabricate thousands of pieces in a day
  • Professor Robert Hill (Queen Mary University of London) ensured that every attendee will display a shiny smile for a week thanks to the toothpaste sample containing bioactive glasses he distributed (or shall we say Fluoro Calcium Phospho Silicate to avoid to scare people without scientific knowledge?)!

The audience definitely enjoyed the meeting and are looking forward to hearing about what is coming next in the UK Chapter.





Dr. Eugenio Zapata-Solvas, Chair of the  UK Chapter, welcomes attendees to the meeting.




Professor Alan Atkinson, Imperial College London




Professor Bill Lee, President of The American Ceramic Society




Dr. Laura Cohen, British Confederation of Ceramics




Dr. Amanda Quadling, Morgan Advanced Ceramics




Ms. Theresa Davey, Chair, ACerS Presidents Council of Student Advisors




Professor John Irvine, University of St. Andrews




Professor John Provis, The  University of Sheffield




Professor Robert Hill, Queen Mary University of London




Professor Ian Reaney, The University of Sheffield




Professor Bala Vaidhyanathan, Loughborough University




Attendees enjoying the lectures



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