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Ross Coffin Purdy Award

Deadline for Nominations: January 15th annually

Ross Coffin Purdy, in whose honor this award is given, served The American Ceramic Society for 24 years as General Secretary and Editor of its publications. He was the recipient of many awards, a Fellow and Honorary Life Member, and President of the Society. Mr. Purdy was noted for his dynamic leadership, individualism, broad vision, and unswerving devotion to the Society and to the ceramic engineering profession.


New Rules Effective August 2015:

The Purdy award shall be given to the author or authors who, in the judgment of the committee, made the most valuable contribution to ceramic technical literature during the calendar year prior to the selection. This previously was “during the calendar year two years prior to selection” but is now changed to the one year prior to selection. This change to the rules was approved by the Board in August 2015.  


A technical article is defined as a paper, article, or report published in a technical or trade journal, or in a bulletin from a school, laboratory, technical bureau, or experimental station, or in a pamphlet or book form. It must be complete and readily available to the public. Nominations may be made by sending the article (electronically is preferred) in it’s entirety, to Marcia Stout (mstout@ceramics.org) with a statement why the article makes the most valuable contribution to the literature for that year and is deserving of the award.  





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