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July 2nd, 2014

Many activities for students at MS&T14

Join fellow Material Advantage Student Members from around the world at MS&T14 in Pittsburgh, PA, October 12-16, 2014. Students are invited to participate in special student activities and contests, so make your MS&T plans today! 


There are five contests to look for during MS&T:  one for graduate students, two for undergraduate students, and two fun design contests.  Here is a little bit more about each of them:


The Material Advantage Graduate Student Poster Contest is open to any graduate student who has an accepted poster in the general poster session at MS&T14.  Three winners will be selected, and cash prizes will be awarded to the first, second, and third place winners. Graduate students interested in having their poster judged should contact Tricia Freshour by Friday, September 12.  Responses should include full name, title of poster, and school name. 


The Material Advantage Undergraduate Student Speaking and Poster Contests have gained popularity over the years for undergraduate students.  The deadline for each contest is Friday, September 26.  For contest rules for each contest, visit the contest webpage.   


Two design contests are available as well for students:  the ceramic mug drop and the ceramic disc golf contests.  Both are very popular and will be held at MS&T on Tuesday, October 14, in the exhibit hall.  Students who make mugs and discs should contact Dr. Kevin Fox by Friday, October 3, with their intent to compete.     

  • For the ceramic mug drop contest, students fabricate mugs from ceramic raw materials.  Then, the mugs are judged on aesthetics and breaking thresholds. Mugs are dropped from varying levels until the breaking threshold is reached. The mug with the highest successful drop distance will be the winner. 
  • For the ceramic disc golf contest, students create discs from ceramic or glass materials to meet certain specifications, and then, the discs are thrown into a regulation disc golf basket. Each disc will be judged in the categories of furthest distance made and artistic merit (aesthetics). The disc that is successfully thrown into the disc golf basket from the farthest distance in the fewest number of shots will be named winner of the contest. 


Make your MS&T plans today!  MS&T registration is open.  Visit the MS&T14 website for complete details.


Contact Tricia Freshour if you need further information about student activities at MS&T, or visit the website for complete details.  











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