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March 12th, 2012

Bulletin Dec.. 2007 Vol 86, No. 12 Online-only papers

Published on March 12th, 2012 | By: Eileen De Guire

“Sintering Responses of In-Situ Zirconia/Mullite Ceramic Composite”
The responses to sintering of reaction-densification, microstructure, linear change, pore size, thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance and cold crushing strength of in-situ m-ZrO /mullite composite were examined.
Emad M.M. Ewais


“Expansion Behavior of Cement-Bonded Alumina-Magnesia Refractory Castables
To attain better performance in steel ladle applications, the engineered microstructural design of alumina-magnesia castables is presented and discussed based ons pinel and CA formation and its effects on castable properties.
M.A.L. Braulio, D.H. Milanez, E.Y. Sako, L.R.M. Bittencourt and V.C. Pandolfelli

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