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Thank you for being a Material Advantage Student Member and wanting to get involved in ACerS. Not a member yet? Visit Student Membership to learn more.


Are you a current graduate student?

Check out the new Global Graduate Researcher Network (GGRN)!
You’ve made the decision to further your education by obtaining a masters or Ph.D.—a decision that requires extensive research in a specialized area of interest. If that interest includes ceramics or glass, GGRN is your first stop on the path toward post-graduate success. GGRN is a new group of ACerS that targets and engages graduate-level students who have a primary interest in ceramics and glass. Join GGRN and enjoy access to ACerS invaluable information, expertise, and programming resources as well as a network of graduate-level students, just like yourself, who are looking for a place to call their professional home. Visit the GGRN webpage for more information or to join.





Get Involved in PCSA

Do you have a keen interest in ceramics and strong leadership qualities? If so, play a big part in the future of the ceramics profession by getting involved in ACerS President’s Council of Student Advisors (PCSA). The PCSA is a student-led committee whose mission is to engage students as active and long-term leaders in the ceramics community and to increase participation in ACerS at the local and national levels. All PCSA delegates are nominated by their faculty advisors. Learn more about the PCSA’s goals and future plans!


Wondering What To Do After Graduation?

ACerS can help you succeed by offering you a FREE Associate Membership for the first year following graduation. By becoming an ACerS Associate Member, you’ll have access to valuable resources that will benefit you now and throughout your career. Complete the membership application online or download the membership application and mail or fax it.



Visit the Material Advantage Student Program website for additional details.


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