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ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagrams




Phase Version 4.2 is the ONLY up-to-date digital resource for ceramic phase diagrams


The new version adds 1,133 new critically evaluated diagrams for ceramic and inorganic systems for understanding temperature-dependent materials interactions.


Available on a USB drive (Phase USB) and as an online subscription (Phase Online)


Phase 4.2 is:

– Trusted. Fully documented diagrams critically evaluated by ceramic experts
– Comprehensive. 27,600 diagrams compiled over 84 years with explanatory notes

– Convenient. Easy to search by using elements, compounds, and bibliographic information. High-resolution, downloadable PDFs of diagrams are available.

– Portable. Now available on USB, access diagrams anywhere with a laptop: no internet required.– Unique. With editor functions, view key information, directly read key data within a diagram, manipulate diagrams, and more.

– Up-to-date. Version 4.2 adds 1,133 new phase diagrams used in the ceramics field.

Affordable. Whether you choose the portable Phase USB or online access with Phase Online, the cost is a fraction of other phase diagram products on the market. 

Learn more about Phase Equilibria diagrams




The backstory


The American Ceramic Society published its first issue of “Phase Diagrams for Ceramacists” in the October 1933 issue of the Journal of The American Ceramic Society. It featured 178 diagrams with supporting explanatory material. Ceramic researchers then recognized the diagrams’ great value in saving time and money in research. Fast forward 85 years and researchers still count on ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagrams to provide the most trusted, comprehensive collection of critically evaluated phase diagrams for ceramic and inorganic systems for understanding temperature-dependent materials interactions. For more Phase Equilibria Diagrams history, click here.


Who uses phase diagrams?


Phase diagram data is pertinent to a wide variety of applications, and includes systems of interest in diverse applications such as:


⇒ Renewable energy technologies ⇒ Ceramic filters
⇒ Next-generation electronic, magnetic, photonic, and optoelectronic devices ⇒ Semiconductor manufacturing
⇒ Antibacterial agents ⇒ Catalysts and photo-catalysts
⇒ Bio-compatible ceramics ⇒ Thermal‐barrier coatings
⇒ Cutting materials ⇒ Pigments
⇒ Fluxes for metallurgical processing/electrolytic refining ⇒ Fuel cells
⇒ Improved cement ⇒ And more!



Which Phase product is right for me?


An essential tool for the study and development of new materials, ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagrams products provide trustworthy information in a convenient package that you can’t find anywhere else.


Choose from:


 Single user

Multiple user

Intended for a single user. For example, one ceramist within a department of metallurgists, chemists, and physicists who needs to reference   phase diagrams for ceramic and inorganic systems.


Available in:

USB drive

Online subscription

Designed for larger ceramics departments and institution-wide access.


Available in:

USB drive

Online subscription

Library subscription



For more information about Phase USB and Phase Online, visit the compare and purchase page, or visit our FAQs for more information.


You may also contact ACerS Customer Service at 1-866-721-3322 or 240-646-7054























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