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Published on September 30th, 2016 | By: April Gocha


Ceramic and glass business news of the week

Published on September 30th, 2016 | By: April Gocha


Call for proposals: Gordon S. Fulcher sabbatical program at Corning

As a key university partner, Corning Inc. is delighted to open applications for its third annual Gordon S. Fulcher sabbatical program. The program is named after famed Corning glass scientist, Dr. Gordon S. Fulcher, who is responsible for pioneering research on the electronic melting of refractory materials and introducing the Fulcher equation for viscosity.


OLED on ceramic heralds new possibilities for durable, flexible lighting and displays

Dutch R&D institute Holst Centre and American ultra-thin ceramics supplier ENrG Inc. have created the first ever ceramic-based, large-area flexible OLED. The device, manufactured on thin E-Strate ceramic substrate, promises a lifetime in excess of 10 years without the formation of blackspots. The ceramic carrier is also easy to handle and capable of withstanding the high temperatures used in display backplane manufacturing and standard sintering processes.


AGC to release Dragontrail Pro, a new specialty glass for chemical strengthening

Asahi Glass will begin to sell Dragontrail Pro, a new, stronger lineup of the series. Emphasis is put on the beauty of its edge design, which is achieved with a smooth rounded surface finish. Dragontrail Pro features a rounded edge with improved strength. This new glass will contribute to a wider range of more stylishly designed smartphones.


NSF awards $94 million to create four new Science and Technology Centers

Ambitious, complex research that leads to breakthrough discoveries requires large-scale, long-term investments. The National Science Foundation announced $94 million in funding to support four new Science and Technology Centers, partnerships that lay the foundations for advances in fields ranging from cell biology and mechanobiology to particle physics and materials science.


Nippon Electric Glass to set up joint-venture in China

Japan-based glass substrate maker Nippon Electric Glass will cooperate with China-based Dongxu Optoelectronic Technology to set up a glass substrate processing factory in Fuqing, southeastern China, on a joint venture basis. The joint-venture factory will be initially capitalized at $36.0 million.


Xaar 2001+ two-color printhead delivers production flexibility, reliability for tile manufacturers

Xaar announced the launch of its new Xaar 2001+ family of printheads. With this new printhead family, tile manufacturers can easily implement new designs to respond to changing fashions and tastes, efficiently manage production changes from one day to the next and benefit from the longest maintenance-free production runs in the industry.


Pilot projects will bring MEP small-business expertise to Manufacturing USA institutes

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has awarded approximately $5 million to pilot several projects that will embed staff from Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers at five institutes within the Manufacturing USA network.


NASA iTech fosters technology needed for journey to Mars

NASA is seeking innovative technology for the agency’s future exploration missions in the solar system and beyond through the new iTech initiative, which is seeking white papers that address challenges in five critical areas: radiation protection; life support systems in space; astronaut crew health; in-space propulsion; and the ability to achieve very high-resolution measurements of key greenhouse gases.


PiBond develops new materials with high refractive index for optical applications

Semiconductor material specialist and siloxanes pioneer PiBond has added more optical dielectrics to its siloxane IP portfolio. A recently awarded patent describes materials enabling significant increase and control of key optical constants: the refractive index and extinction coefficient, optical transmission—while still retaining excellent dielectric performance and solid environmental robustness.


glasstec 2016 generates important impulses: Good mood and solid investment climate

glasstec 2016 has again provided impressive proof of its standing as the leading global trade fair for the glass sector this year. Industry experts are very satisfied with their participation: exhibitors unanimously report concluding good business deals, promising contacts and an upbeat mood in the global glass sector, a fact expected to generate profitable follow-up business.


Confirmed: Xiaomi Mi 5s to come with a ceramic body and tapered rear

The new Xiaomi Mi 5s teaser says very little about this Mi 5 successor, but still, we can gather some info from the same. For starters, the company has confirmed that the new Xiaomi Mi 5s will come with a ceramic body. In addition, it is possible that the phone could come with a tapered rear.


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