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Published on April 11th, 2014 | By: Jessica McMathis


Weekend warriors: DIY piezo speed belt with LED display makes runners safer, shinier

Published on April 11th, 2014 | By: Jessica McMathis


 Popular Science provides DIY-ers with a light-up speed belt with built-in piezo vibration sensor that monitors your pace and makes you visible during runs in the dark. Credit: Bonnie Ann Cain-Wood on Flickr (Creative Commons License).


Whether you’re a casual jogger, dedicated marathoner, or serious couch potato, your early-morning or late-night run (or lack thereof) could be made that much safer (and cooler!) with this DIY light-up speed belt, courtesy of the folks at Popular Science.


The “shining speed belt” boasts a built-in piezo vibration sensor that won’t just detect your pace but display it on an LED screen bright enough to make you noticed by motorists and mammals alike. Depending on how fast or slow you run (me=molasses), that could be a good or bad thing—but either way, you’ll earn each mile knowing you’re out of harm’s way.


Ready to turn heads with your workout gear? Then jog on over here for a list of materials or to download the directions.



Feature image credit: ultraBobban on Flickr (Creative Commons License).

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