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S20: Ceramics Enabling Environmental Protection: Clean Air and Water



As humanity improves its standard of living, the demand for energy, housing, transportation, agricultural, and industrial products increases as well. However, higher rates of production go hand-in-hand with higher pollution rates which can lead to global climate change. New technical solutions are required to address this problem. The objective of this symposium is to provide an international forum to review ceramic technologies that can be applied in addressing global challenges related to clean air and water. Symposium will focus on ceramic technologies as enablers for (i) removal of pollutants that are already present in the environment, (ii) reduction or elimination of future pollution sources, and (iii) development of new processes and products with respect to efficiency, economy, ecology and reduced resource consumption. The scope of the symposium extends from recent scientific breakthroughs in materials, processing and systems design that help environmental protection to implementation of these improvements into already existing and new product applications.


Proposed Symposium Topics
Gas filtration and separation

  • Automotive catalyst supports
  • Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Catalysts and sensors for automotive applications
  • Hot gas filtration/separation in stationary sources
  • Materials, processing and ceramic filters and membranes design
  • Gas separation and filtration mechanisms
  • Industrial uses of catalytic supports, membranes and catalysts (incinerators, power stations, refineries, gasification, etc.

Liquid purification, recovery and desalinization of water

  • Immobilization of heavy metals and organic pollutants
  • Immobilization of bacteria and viruses
  • Ceramic membranes for micro and ultra filtration
  • Nanotubes-based filtration membranes
  • Industrial uses of catalytic supports and catalysts (food, agriculture, biochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial recycling and recovery)

Novel materials and processes enabling new products for environmental protection

  • “Green” ceramic technologies
  • Functional ceramic materials and carbon nanotubes
  • Low temperature catalysts and ultra high surface area catalytic materials
  • Low back pressure/high filtration efficiency filtration systems

Novel environmental applications for ceramic based systems

  • Perspective on current technology gaps, existing opportunities and upcoming environmental regulations from environmental agencies, government and industry

Symposium Organizers
Aleksander J. Pyzik, The Dow Chemical Company, USA
Michael J. Lance, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Hai-Doo Kim, Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea
Hasan Mandal, Sabanci University, Turkey
Louis Winnubst, University of Twente, Netherlands
Yuji Iwamoto, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
Kevin Plucknett, Dalhousie University, Canada


Points of Contact
Aleksander J. Pyzik, (989) 636-8801
Michael J. Lance, (865) 241-4536


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