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SA: Glass Science



This symposium will highlight recent developments in fundamental glass science. While the synthesis of glassy materials has been optimized over centuries, the detailed mechanisms of glass formation remain one of the most fascinating yet not fully explained topics of modern solid state science. The lack of periodicity and thermodynamic stability are the two main characteristics that differentiate glasses from crystal counterparts, which in many ways lead to the advantageous properties that have enabled a wide range of technological applications of glasses. These same characteristics also make the study of glasses far more complex and challenging for structural and thermodynamic characterization. This symposium will address all aspects of glass science including processing, structure-property relationships, computational modeling, relaxation processes, surface processes, and non-oxide glasses.


Proposed Symposium Topics

  • Glass formation
  • Theoretical and numerical modeling
  • Glass structure and properties
  • Non-oxide Glasses
  • Glass transition and relaxation

Symposium Organizers
Jincheng Du, University of North Texas, USA
Pierre Lucas, University of Arizona, USA
Kostya Trachenko, Queen Mary’s College, UK
John McCloy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Point of Contact

John McCloy, (509) 372-4964


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