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James C. Phillips Honorary Symposium



This symposium is held in honor of the extraordinary research career of James C. Phillips, who has made revolutionary contributions to condensed matter physics every decade for over half a century. Phillips first rose to fame in the late 1950s with his invention of pseudopotential theory, the basis for more than 30,000 published articles concerning the electronic structure of materials. In the 1960s, Phillips developed the microscopic theory of superconductive tunneling and also an exact theory for the ionicity of chemical bonding. Phillips invented the topological constraint theory of compact networks in the 1970s, with particular application to optimization of glassy networks. In the 1980s, Phillips developed the theory of high temperature superconductors as self-organized networks. He followed this in the 1990s with the discovery of a bifurcated solution to stretched exponential relaxation in disordered networks. Most recently, in the 21st century, Phillips has connected the ideas of self-organized criticality to biological systems for the design of proteins and cancer-fighting oncolytic viruses. His exceptional contributions to basic and applied physics have resulted in >500 journal publications and four books, including the classic text Bonds and Bands in Semiconductors. In this symposium, colleagues and friends will pay tribute to the amazing lifelong career of J. C. Phillips. Contributed talks are also welcome in any of the sessions below. This symposium is sponsored by Corning Incorporated.


Proposed Symposium Topics

  • Semiconductors, Pseudopotentials and Dielectric Theory
  • Superconductivity
  • Constraint Theory in Glass Science: Structure and Property Predictions
  • Rigidity and Intermediate Phase: Model Networks and Chalcogenides
  • Intermediate phase: Oxide Glasses
  • Exponential Complexity in Materials Science and Biology

Symposium Organizers
John C. Mauro, Corning Incorporated, USA
Punit Boolchand, University of Cincinatti, USA
Matthieu Micoulaut, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France


Points of Contact
John C. Mauro, (607) 974-2185


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