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Symposium H1: Innovative Processing and Microstructural Design of Advanced Ceramics—A Symposium in Honor of Professor Dongliang Jiang

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Ceramic technologies for sustainable development


The properties and performance of advanced ceramics closely depend on their processing routes and resulting microstructures. Recently many innovative processing and manufacturing technologies of ceramic materials have been developed, which provide the materials with unique microstructure and properties that cannot be achieved by conventional routes. This symposium will discuss the advances in processing and manufacturing technologies for a wide variety of ceramics. This symposium is being held in honor of Professor Dongliang Jiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, for his life-long contributions and achievements in the field. Professor Jiang has conducted unique and innovative work in the field of carbide ceramics and their composites, transparent ceramics, and bioceramics that includes materials forming, sintering and densification, microstructure, toughening mechanisms, and mechanical performance assessment. He also has developed the forming and densification techniques for large-sized carbide parts of complex shapes, and devoted to engineering applications of these materials. 


Proposed session topics:

  • Novel forming/sintering technologies
  • Advanced ceramics manufacturing process
  • Aqueous synthesis and processing, colloidal processing
  • Polymer-based processing
  • Large scale and complicated shape processing
  • Processing-microstructure-mechanical properties correlation
  • Processing and applications of transparent ceramics 

Tentative Organizers:

  • Shaoming Dong, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China
  • Yanchun Zhou, Aerospace Research Institute of Material & Processing Technology, China
  • Hua-Tay Lin, Guangdong University of Technology
  • Makio Naito, Osaka University, Japan
  • Suk-Joong Kang, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
  • Hai-Doo Kim, Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea
  • Shiwei Wang, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China
  • Yi-Bing Cheng, Monash University, Australia 


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