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T1S4: Material Science and Technologies for Advanced Nuclear Fission and Fusion Energy

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Ceramic technologies for sustainable development


Advanced ceramics, ceramic composites, and glasses have long played a key role in the nuclear industry for applications ranging from fuel fabrication to irradiation and reprocessing to waste stabilization. Research and development of these materials is essential for future low-carbon nuclear fission and fusion energy systems that are tolerant against severe accidents and economically competitive. Recent advancements and achievements, such as development of novel high-temperature ceramics and capability of computational materials design and engineering to commercial deployment of ceramic matrix composites in various industrial sectors, assures that advanced materials will address the critical challenges imposed by the demanding operating environments in advanced nuclear systems. This symposium will provide a forum to present and discuss the latest developments on advanced ceramics, glasses, composites, and carbon materials for nuclear energy systems and their environmental impacts. 


Proposed session topics:

  • Innovative concepts of nuclear systems, fuels, components, and waste management enabled by ceramics, ceramic composites, and glasses
  • Emerging and novel materials for nuclear energy
  • Ceramic and glass sciences for waste immobilization
  • Refractory ceramics and carbon materials for high-temperature reactors
  • Ceramic technology for nuclear heat exchangers
  • Joining and integration technologies for ceramic structures
  • Ceramics for accident-tolerant fuels, reactor cores, and reaction control systems
  • Qualification of ceramic components for nuclear reactors 


  • Josef Matyas, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
  • Yutai Katoh, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
  • Kyle Brinkman, Clemson University, USA
  • Raghunath Kanakala, University of Idaho, USA
  • Ram Devanathan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
  • Jake Amoroso, Savannah River National Laboratory, USA


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