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T1S9: High-temperature Superconductors: Materials, Technologies, and Systems

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Since the discovery of superconductivity in cuprates, pnictides, and related materials and the huge outburst of research activity that it generated, the key challenge remained understanding mechanisms of unconventional superconductivity, still under debate in spite of many relevant advances in research and materials development. Meanwhile many new superconductors have emerged, including ruthenates, cobaltates, borides, borocarbides, doped fullerenes and intercalated graphite, and organic and heavy-fermion superconductors, accompanied by in-depth characterization of physical properties a variety of experimental approaches and successful applications in wires, tapes, processing in electronics, and in novel nano-related technologies like nano-engineering. This symposium will highlight the progress achieved in various issues of fundamental and technological character of known superconducting materials. The focus will be on novel aspects, issues, and systems, as well as all superconducting-related topics, including fundamental aspects of theory, advances in synthesis, functionalization and processing, and the latest progress in devices at small and large scale ranges. 

Proposed session topics:

  • Materials, structure, physical chemistry, and general properties
  • New superconductors of pnictides and related-families
  • Properties of superconductors (any type)
  • Theory and mechanisms (normal and superconducting states)
  • Vortex lattice physics
  • Synthesis and processing
  • Power applications
  • Low-power applications and superconducting electronics 


  • Andrea Damascelli, UBC, Canada
  • Christos Panagopoulos, NTU, Singapore 
  • John Wei, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Davor Pavuna, EPFL, Switzerland


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