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GOMD 2012 Symposia


Glass & Optical Materials Division Spring Meeting

Final Program


Click each Symposium below to learn about its included sessions or download the Final Program for complete information. Build your conference schedule with the Itinerary Planner so you don’t miss anything at GOMD 2012.


S1 Glass Science
This symposium will cover recent theoretical and experimental advances in fundamental and applied glass science, including glass structure and properties, theoretical modeling, glass transition and relaxation, corrosion, glass surfaces, and issues related to ancient glasses. It includes these sessions:
  • Glass Structure and Properties
  • Non-oxide Glasses
  • Theoretical and Numerical Modeling
  • Glass Transition and Relaxation
  • Glass Corrosion and Surface Science
  • Topological Constraints and Rigidity: Theory and Experiment
S2 Optical Materials & Devices
Optical materials and devices are of critical importance for a variety of applications including sustainable energy, remote sensing, medical
diagnostics and treatment, and national defense. This symposium will address processing and properties of optical materials as well as design, fabrication, and performance of optical devices. It includes these sessions:
  • Active Optical Materials
  • Photosensitivity and Laser Modification of Glasses
  • Optical Fibers and Planar Photonic Devices
  • Optical Absorption
  • Optical Coatings
  • Optical Ceramics and Glass Ceramics
S3 Cross-cutting Topics
The symposium consists of five sessions with broad interdisciplinary coverage. Novel material synthesis methods, glass characterization techniques, and emerging technological applications of glass and ceramic materials constitute the focus of this symposium. It includes these sessions:
  • Glass and Optical Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
  • NMR Studies of the Structures and Dynamics of Glasses
  • Archeological Glass Science and Technology
  • Liquid Synthesis and Sol-gel Derived Materials
S4 Festschrift to the Glass Research Career of Prof. Delbert E. Day
Celebrate the research career of Prof. Day, Curators’ Professor Emeritus of Ceramic Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology. He celebrates his 75th birthday in 2011, making this a propitious time to celebrate a glass science career that has entered its sixth decade with little sign of slowing down. It includes these sessions:
  • The Mixed Alkali Effect and Ion Conducting Glasses
  • Phosphate Glasses: Their Structures, Properties and Applications
  • DTA and DSC Methods for Glass Crystallization Study
  • Glasses for Bio-Medical Applications
P Poster Session & Student Poster Competition
Poster abstracts will be accepted for all sessions and symposia. Students are encouraged to enter their
presentations in the annual poster competition for professional recognition and cash awards! The poster session is organized by Morten Smedskjaer, Corning, Incorporated and sponsored by Corning Incorporated.



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