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FS4: Ion-Transport Membranes



Advanced ceramics with ionic or mixed ionic and electronic conductivity are being developed for numerous industrial applications such as gas-separation, conversion of natural gas to syngas or liquid fuel, hydrocarbon upgrading, and membrane-enhanced chemical processing. In recent years, advances in development of materials with appreciable conductivity of oxygen, hydrogen, lithium, or sodium have occurred. Likewise, advances have been made in design and fabrication of components and devices using these materials. Key to the use of these materials are high-temperature sealing technologies.


Preliminary Speaker Session


Proposed Session Topics

  • Synthesis and characterization of ion-conducting ceramics
  • Defect chemistry and conduction mechanisms
  • Processing membrane materials and structures
  • Performance of membranes and membrane devices
  • Novel applications for ion-conducting ceramics
  • Joining and sealing for ion-conducting ceramics
  • Mechanical properties and reliability
  • Environmental degradation

Session Organizers

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