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S7: 8th International Symposium on Nanostructured Materials and Nanocomposites



The primary objective of this symposium is to bring together scientists and engineers investigating science and engineering of nanostructured materials, with a strong focus on recent innovation in nano-technological approaches and their impact on the current challenges of energy, healthcare and sustainability. In particular, special emphasis will be given to novel synthesis approaches, functionalization, processing, and characterization of metal and oxide nanoparticles, nanowires and their heterogeneous structures. Application of nanostructures in drug-delivery, catalysis, energy and sensing applications, nanostructured coatings for photovoltaic, bio-medical and optical applications will form the major thrust areas. Contributions related to energy applications such batteries, fuel cells, water splitting, as well as transparent conductors and challenges related to the large-scale production and integration of functional and structural nanomaterials will be given particular attention.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Synthesis, functionalization and assembly of metal oxide nanomaterials
  • Metal oxide nanostructures for chemical and biological sensors
  • One-dimensional nanostructures for energy applications
  • Nanotoxicity and health aspects of engineered nanostructures
  • Transparent conducting oxides for energy harvesting
  • Nanomaterials for photocatalysis, solar hydrogen and thermoelectrics
  • Integration of functional metal oxide nanostructures in devices
  • Nanodevices: fabrication and large-scale integration
  • Innovative techniques for characterization and manipulation of nanostructures
  • Industrial development and application of nanomaterials

Symposium Organizers

  • Sanjay Mathur, University of Cologne, Germany, +49 (221) 470-4107
  • Suprakas Sinha Ray, DST/CSIR- National Centre for Nanomaterials, South Africa
  • Marlies van Bael, Hasselt University, Belgium
  • Bala Vaidhyanathan, Loughborough University, UK
  • Guido Faglia, University of Brescia, Italy
  • Hidehiro Kamiya, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Yoon-Bong Hahn, Chonbuk National University, Korea
  • Mauro Epifani, CNR-IMM, Italy

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