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G2: Functional nanomaterials for sustainable energy technologies



Research and development exploiting functional nanomaterials has great potential to efficiently contribute to the implementation of sustainable energy technologies, for instance, by discovering and utilizing environmentally friendly processes to enhance energy and resource efficiencies. Fabrication of new devices with enhanced performance and stability—achieved by nanoscale materials design and control using unique phenomena, such as quantum confinement effects—is key to success. This symposium offers a discussion forum for scientists, engineers, and professionals involved in research and development for a sustainable energy future.


Proposed session topics:


• Sustainable design and recyclability of functional materials and devices

• Ecological and energy-efficient processing of advanced functional nanostructures

• Nanotechnology for sustainable generation of renewable fuels

• Nanomaterials for energy-efficient buildings and green architecture

• Nanodevices for cost-effective water purification and desalinisation

• Nanodevices for atmospheric sensing

• Nanodevices for sustainable carbon dioxide capture and utilization

• Industrial production, implementation, and commercialization of sustainable systems

• Societal, educational, environmental, and economic aspects of sustainable energy technologies




Sanjay Mathur, University of Cologne, Germany

Lionel Vayssieres, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

– Yoon-Bong Hahn, Chonbuk National University, Korea

– Silke Christiansen, Helmholtz Energy Zentrum, Berlin

– Heli Wang, SABIC, USA

– Juan-Ramon Morante, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Spain

– Gunnar Westin, Uppsala University, Sweden

– Daniel Chua, National University Singapore, Singapore

– Taejin Hwang, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea

– Thomas Fischer, University of Cologne, Germany


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