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H1: Computational modeling and design of new materials and processes




This symposium is devoted to broad applications of modeling techniques or sets of techniques to high-temperature ceramic matrix composites—their fabrication, structure and organization, and behavior in use. Modeling may address any scale from angstrom to meters, ranging from ab-initio and atomistic computations to continuum physics, and any physical phenomenon of interest (principally mechanical, thermal, and chemical) considered alone or coupled together. Special attention will be given to experimental verification of models, but papers focused on design and creation of new concepts are also particularly welcome.


Proposed session topics:

• Ab-initio computations

• Atomistic modeling

• Thermodynamic computations

• Diffusions, defects, and coupled phenomena

• Macroscopic scale modeling (e.g., finite elements)

• Computation of mechanical, thermal, and thermomechanical properties

• Simulation of materials processing and degradation

• Image processing and image-based modeling

• Model verification and certification; uncertainty qualification

• Computer-based design, including composition, phases, structure, and organization



Gerard L. Vignoles, University of Bordeaux, Laboratory for Thermostructural Composites, France 

Jing-Yang Wang, Institute of Metal Research, China

– Emmanuel Baranger, ENS Cachan, France

– Hans J. Seifert, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

– Qingfeng Zeng, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

– Yong Du, Central South University, China


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