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H11: CMC Applications in Transportation and Industrial Systems





Ceramic matrix composite materials combine favorable thermal and mechanical properties with low density. Composites can replace conventional materials, such as metals or monolithic ceramics, to overcome technical barriers in numerous applications. Beyond aerospace and power generation applications, ceramic matrix composites currently find applications in friction components for high-performance brakes and bearings as well as charging devices for high-temperature furnaces. Potential novel composite applications have been investigated in research projects worldwide. However, use of composite materials is still limited to niche markets characterized by small-scale serial production rates. To further extend industrial applications, tailored ceramic matrix composite materials—fitted to specific technical and economic requirements of each application—as well as reliable manufacturing processes are needed. This symposium will focus on technical as well as economic aspects of ceramic matrix composites by discussing an overview of products, current development activities, and promising future applications of these materials.


Proposed session topics:


• High-performance brakes and clutches in various application areas, including aircraft, trains, automobiles, cycles, elevators, and industrial devices

• Bearing systems and sliding elements

• Charging devices and supporting structures for heat treatment and joining of metallic parts

• Heat insulation and joining elements (e.g., screws and bolts) for high-temperature furnaces

• Oxidation and methanization of hot structures in realistic environments

• Geometrically stable structures based on ceramic matrix composites with low thermal expansion

• Abrasive resistant components

• Development activities in novel application areas

• Technology transfer, from material and prototype development to industrial production

• Design and modeling of parts in original geometry




Bernhard Heidenreich, German Aerospace Center, Germany

– Shaoming Dong, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

– Peter Filip, Southern Illinois University, USA

– Yutaka Kagawa, University of Tokyo, Japan

– Tomaž Kosmač, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

– Walter Krenkel, University of Bayreuth, Germany

– Victor I. Kulik, Baltic State Technical University, Russia

– Matthias Kunz, WPX Faserkeramik GmbH, Germany

– Alex Luan, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

– Lalit M. Manocha, Defence Materials Stores, Research & Development Establishment, India

– Marco Orlandi, Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Italy

– Gerard L. Vignoles, University of Bordeaux, Laboratory for Thermostructural Composites, France

– Roland Weiss, Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik, Germany


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