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6th Ceramic Business and Leadership Summit (CBLS 2017)

Marketing for Manufacturers Forum at


Where Business and Manufacturing Meet Strategy 




Marketing for Manufacturers Forum 

Do your marketing efforts deliver the ROI you need?


  • Are you reaching your technical audiences?
  • Do you effectively use business intelligence to position your company in the marketplace?
  • Do you know the most effective methodologies to launch new products and new technologies?
  • How is the engineer-buyer different from other buyers? What is the best way to reach them?


Learn these concepts and much more from industry experts!




This one-day Summit is designed for industry leaders, marketing and sales specialists, product developers, ACerS Corporate members, and anyone engaged in the business side of technical industries.


Learn from industry experts regarding:

  • Marketing trends, analysis, and techniques for engineering, scientific, technical companies
  • Comprehensive, ceramic industry business intelligence from industry analysts
  • Case studies showcasing top companies’ technical marketing strategies.


Experts in market analysis and marketing show how to market technical products to technical buyers. This interactive forum provides plenty of opportunity to talk to our panel of experts, and with other attendees about the unique challenges of the technical marketplace.



Create and take home your own marketing action plan designed for your company and products, to put all of the concepts, principles, and techniques learned during CBLS into action! Renowned marketer Rebecca Geier will lead a workshop at the end of the day to get you started on a marketing plan targeting your technical buyers.



Finally, end the day networking with colleagues and friends at the CBLS dinner. Conservation experts from the Cleveland Museum of Art intersect art and materials science as they speak about their work on Renaissance French pottery.



CBLS 2017 is April 24, 2017, immediately preceding the third annual Ceramics Expo, happening April 25-27, 2017. 


Ceramic and Glass Power Week 2017—CBLS, Ceramics Expo, and more.


CBLS Speakers


nameni_gordonBusiness intelligence—How to dissect a market opportunity

Gordon Nameni, senior editor, BCC Research LLC








gahaganGrowth in the Glass Age—Managing product introductions

Kevin T. Gahagan, senior manager, technology strategy, Corning Incorporated









Growth in the Glass Age—Managing product introductions

Céline Guermeur, director, exploratory markets and technologies, Corning Incorporated








geier-author-headshotSmart marketing for engineers

Rebecca Geier, CEO and co-founder, TREW Marketing 








20150112_lithoz_0403Case study: Marketing new technology—Additive manufacturing for ceramic materials

Johannes Homa, CEO and co-founder, Lithoz








frenzl_alexanderCase study: How to address multidirectional industry segments through strategic marketing

Alexander Frenzl, business field manager, glass, ceramics and building materials, NETZSCH-Gerätebau Gmbh






geier-author-headshotDevelop your marketing action plan 

Rebecca Geier, CEO and co-founder, TREW Marketing 









snyder_colleen_webParsing out Palissy: Recent findings on ceramic glazes in Renaissance France

Colleen Snyder, associate conservator of objects, The Cleveland Museum of Art








Parsing out Palissy: Recent findings on ceramic glazes in Renaissance France

Stephen Harrison, curator of decorative art and design, The Cleveland Museum of Art














The American Ceramic Society values diverse and inclusive participation within the field of ceramic science and engineering. ACerS strives to promote involvement and access to leadership opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, geographic location, career path or academic level.




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