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S3: Symposium on Thin Film Integration and Processing Science


EMA 2012


This symposium will bring together researchers from academia, government labs and industry to focus on the profound role of processing and integration science on structure-property relations in thin ceramic and epitaxial films. Of interest for this symposium are advances in thin film processes that enable integration with non-traditional substrates, processing methods that facilitate epitaxy, and tailoring processing methods to achieve bulk-like responses under limited thermal budgets. Specific materials systems discussed are intentionally broad in an effort to bridge communities (e.g. ferroelectrics to transparent conductors) for highest impact and knowledge sharing. Topics of interest include integration of oxides with polymers, advanced substrate preparation methods, utilizing and controlling strain to enhance properties, and achieving bulk-like properties in thin films.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Novel substrate materials
  • Low-temperature processing
  • Strain engineering for enhanced performance
  • Controlling epitaxial growth morphology
  • Controlling phase assemblage
  • In-situ characterization

Symposium Organizers

  • Jon Ihlefeld, Sandia National Labs
  • Brady Gibbons, Oregon State Univ.
  • Jon-Paul Maria, North Carolina State Univ.

Point of Contact

Jon Ihlefeld



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