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EMA 2013 Symposia


EMA 2013


S1 Functional and Multifunctional Electroceramics for Energy Storage, Conversion, and Harvesting, Detectors, Sensors, Frequency Agile Components, Packaging, Interconnects and Other Commercial Opportunities
S2 Multiferroic Materials and Multilayer Ferroic Heterostructures: Properties and Applications
S3 Structure of Emerging Perovskite Oxides: Bridging Length Scales and Unifying Experiment and Theory
S4 LEDs and Photovoltaics—Beyond the Light: Common Challenges and Opportunities
S5 Structure and Properties of Interfaces in Electronic Materials
S6 Thermoelectrics: Defect Chemistry, Doping and Nanoscale Effects
S7 Production Quality Ferroelectric Thin Films and Devices
S8 Advances in Memory Devices
S9 Thin Film Integration and Processing Science
S10 Ceramic Composites for Defense Applications
S11 Sustainable, Low Critical Material Use and Green Materials Processing Technologies
S12 Recent Developments in High Temperature Superconductivity
S13 Body Energy Harvesting for Intelligent Systems
S14 Nanoscale Electronic Materials and Devices
S15 Failure: The Greatest Teacher
S16 Highlights of Student Research in Basic Science and Electronic Ceramics



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