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S1: Functional and Multifunctional Electroceramics for Commercialization


EMA 2014


This historical symposium brings together material scientists, engineers, researchers and technologists from academia, government and industry to present the latest advances in functional and multifunctional electroceramics and their commercial opportunities. Ferroelectric, pyroelectric, piezoelectric including lead-free, ferroelectric-semiconductors, dielectric, flexoelectric, magnetostrictive, and other electroceramic materials in the form of bulk, thin and thick films, composites, single crystals, graded structures, homo- and hetero-epitaxial films and multilayers, MEMS and NEMS as well as material and device modeling will be discussed with focus toward enabling commercial technologies. This year, the talks will have emphasis on the potential application of the various materials being investigated. Energy technologies, materials and devices, related to storage, conversion, and harvesting are of interest. Detectors, sensors and other component technologies that provide narrow-band, multi-band, broadband or that provide frequency agile opportunities are of interest. Other commercial opportunities including but not limited to packaging and interconnect technologies are of interest. Within this symposium it is anticipated that topics from fundamental material science such as interface and nanoscale domain phenomena through macroscale device and system level criteria and engineering and reliability will be discussed.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Ferroic, multi-ferroic, ferroelectric, pyroelectric, piezoelectric, ferroelectricsemiconductors, dielectric, magnetorestricitive, Mott insulators and other materials, including composites and nanocomposites
  • Microwave dielectrics, metamaterials, and frequency tunable devices
  • Material design, new materials and their applications
  • Characterization of materials, interfaces, crystal structure, structural phase transitions as well as electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical and other material properties
  • Nanoscale phenomena in dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials
  • Piezoelectric and lead-free piezoelectric materials, devices and applications
  • Electromechanical phenomena and applications in NEMS and MEMS devices
  • Integrated homo-, hetero-epitaxial single and multi-layer films and device structures
  • Energy storage, conversion and harvesting materials and device structures
  • High temperature – high voltage dielectrics
  • Reliability of electroceramic devices
  • Graded composite ferroelectric and multiferroic structures

Session Organizers

  • Clive Randall, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Shashank Priya, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
  • Steven C. Tidrow, The University of Texas – Pan American, USA

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