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S5: Structure and Properties of Interfaces in Electronic Materials


EMA 2014


Interfaces can be the controlling microstructural feature in many electronic applications and are becoming increasingly important as the scale of an electronic system decreases. A fundamental understanding of the role of interfaces at the nanoscale is needed to enable increased performance. This symposium will bring together simulations and measurements of the properties and performance of interfaces (grain boundaries, phase boundaries and surfaces) to address the thermodynamic and kinetic effects that control the structure and performance of electronic systems.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Thermodynamics of interfaces
  • Transport at interfaces
  • Structure and composition of interfaces
  • Consequences of interfaces (microstructure, properties, & performance)

Session Organizers

John Blendell, Purdue University, USA
R. Edwin GarcĂ­a, Purdue University, USA
Shen Dillon, University of Illinois, USA
Wayne Kaplan, Technion, Israel
Nicholas Strandwitz, Lehigh University, USA

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