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GOMD-DGG 2015 Symposia

GOMD-DGG Joint Annual Meeting


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The program covers physical properties and technological processes important to glasses, amorphous solids and optical materials. Select from: 

S1: Energy and Environmental Aspects—Fundamentals and Application
  Session 1: Flat Glasses, Fibers, Foams, and Enamels
  Session 2: Active Glassy Materials
  Session 3: Thin Film Technologies
S2: Glasses in Healthcare—Fundamentals and Application
S3: Fundamentals of the Glassy State
  Session 1: Glass Formation and Structural Relaxation
  Session 2: Nucleation, Growth, and Crystallization in Glasses
  Session 3: Structural Characterization of Glasses
  Session 4: Computer Simulations and Modeling
  Session 5: Mechanical Properties of Glasses
  Session 6: Non-oxide and Metallic Glasses
  Session 7: Glass Under Extreme Conditions
S4: Optical and Electronic Materials and Devices—Fundamentals and Applications
  Session 1: Amorphous Semiconductors: Materials and Devices
  Session 2: Optical Fibers
  Session 3: Optical Materials for Components and Devices
  Session 4: Glass-ceramics and Optical Ceramics
S5: Glass Technology and Cross-cutting Topics
  Session 1: Challenges in Glass Manufacturing
  Session 2: Transparent Protective Systems
  Session 3: Liquid Synthesis and Sol-gel-derived Materials
  Session 4: Waste Immobilization—Waste Form Development: Processing and Performance

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