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S2: Larry L. Hench Memorial Symposium on Bioactive Glasses

GOMD-DGG Joint Annual Meeting


Award for Best Student Presentations

Two awards are available for the best presentation by a PhD student in Symposium 2. The two PhD students who are judged by a panel to have given the best presentations will receive the award and the reimbursement of their meeting registration fee after the meeting. The awards are sponsored by the International Commission on Glass (ICG).     




In addition to the current application of glasses and glass-ceramics in medicine and dentistry, there is growing interest in the application of novel glass products in important areas, such as bone regeneration and wound healing. Emerging areas in the applications of bioactive glasses will also be covered, including antibacterial materials, drug delivery systems, and soft tissue engineering. Functional products based on glasses and glass-ceramics for applications, such as treatment of cancer and osteomyelitis will be also addressed. Discussions will cover biomedical glasses composed of silicate, borate, and phosphate compositions, metal ion-doped bioactive glasses for targeting specific cellular and biological responses, the formation of melt-derived, so-gel and mesoporous glasses into specific architectures, such as three-dimensional scaffolds, particles and fibers, including nanoparticles and nano fibers, as well as coatings, thin films and composites.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Compositional design of glasses for biomedical applications
  • Interactions of glasses in the biological environment
  • Modeling and characterization of structure and properties
  • Applications in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
  • Glasses for growth factor and drug delivery
  • Glasses in wound healing, vascularisation, and soft tissue engineering
  • Glasses and glass-ceramics in dentistry
  • Applications in cancer treatment and osteomyelitis
  • Roundtable discussion on key issues and future directions in glasses for healthcare

Symposium Chairs

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