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Session 1: Challenges in Glass Manufacturing

GOMD-DGG Joint Annual Meeting



Industrially fabricated glass is among the most important material in society, with applications ranging from uses in civil engineering, automotive engineering, fabrication of composites, and packaging to a host of special applications. Related industries are facing increasing quality demand, energy costs, and stringent environmental legislation. As “traditional” as this branch of industry may be viewed by the public, there is a quest for evolutionary and revolutionary concepts to make better glass in more efficient ways with wider ranges of application. The session will highlight this development and cover:

  • Physical and chemical fundamentals
  • Energy efficiency, flue gas chemistry, combustion, and heat transfer
  • Furnace design and advanced melting concepts comprising process control and sensors
  • Advances in modeling of glass melting and forming
  • Secondary manufacturing comprising surface treatment and new glass products

Session Chairs

  • Reinhard Conradt, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Hong Li, PPG Industries Inc., USA
  • Irene Peterson, Corning Incorporated, USA

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