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Session 2: Nucleation, Growth, and Crystallization in Glasses

GOMD-DGG Joint Annual Meeting



This session will provide an opportunity for high-level discussions about the state-of-art and relevant issues on crystallization processes in glass-forming liquids and on the development and characterization of new glass-ceramics. Important problems will be discussed such as the applicability of the Stokes-Einstein-Eyring (viscosity) relationship in calculating the effective diffusion coefficients that control crystal nucleation and growth; understanding of the relationship, if any, between the molecular structure of glass-forming liquids and the nucleation and growth mechanisms; the exact role played by the residual glass (e.g., stress effects, crack deflection or initiation, electrical conductivity, etc.); and the exact role of nucleating agents.


Session Chairs

  • Edgar D. Zanotto, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil
  • Mark J. Davis, SCHOTT North America Inc., USA

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