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Session 2: Transparent Protective Systems

GOMD-DGG Joint Annual Meeting



Glasses and glass-ceramics are or can be critical subcomponents in many transparent protective systems. The predictability and improvement of their responses to impact (i.e., high strain energies), temperature  uctuations and residual stresses, bending, and combinations thereof are continually sought. This session will promote improved familiarity, communication, and collaboration between practitioners of transparent protective systems with glass scientists and engineers.


General topics include:

  • Candidate materials and rationale for their use
  • High strain rate, triaxial loading, and high-pressure experimental response and modeling
  • Flaws and nonhomogeneities and mechanical response correlation
  • Fracture under dynamic conditions
  • Lamination, interlayer bonding, and their effects

Session Chairs

  • Andrew A. Wereszczak, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee
  • Parimal Patel, US Army Research Laboratory

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