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Biomaterials 2012 Tracks


Innovations in Biomedical Materials 2012


Biomaterials 2012 emphasizes collaboration between R&D, medical practitioners, and biomedical materials manufacturers/marketers to better develop emerging technologies into marketable products. Download the Final Program to see who’s presenting in these technical tracks:


Commercialization of Biomedical Implants and Devices

Proof of efficacy and safety are very challenging issues on the path of commercialization of biomedical products. Regulatory requirements, which are different from country to county, add complexity in the path to commercialization. Speakers in this track will present a recent product success story and point out key challenges on the way from the lab to the patient.

Track Chair: Markus Reiterer, Medtronic, Inc.


Uses of Bioactive Glass in New Treatments
Novel bioactive glass forms, compositions, and microstructures focused on improving the natural healing process for treatment of any area of the body.
Track Chair: Charanpreet Bagga, Prosidyan, Inc.


Blood Vessel and Nerve Guides
Biomaterials that are used specifically for guiding vascular or nerve growth or regeneration. Insight into the environment needed for successful vascular or nerve regeneration applications.
Track Chair: Dr. Amy Harkins, St. Louis University


Three-Dimensional Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration
Scaffolds for both segmental load bearing defects and non load bearing bone void fillers are of interest. Primarily for orthopedic, dental, and spine applications.
Track Chair: Dr. Hyun Bae, Cedars-Sinai Hospital


Malleable Bone Void Fillers (Bone Cements or Putty)
Improvements in bone void filler technology or insight into the current products commercially available. This track may cover improvements in carrier technology, bone filler technology, new products, or conceptual products.
Track Chair: Dr. Greg Pomrink, NovaBone Products LLC


Wound or Burn Treatment
Novel methods, dressings, or insights into effective wound healing or burn treatment. In-vitro data may be acceptable, but in-vivo animal or human data preferred.
Track Co-chairs: Dr. Luisa DePietro and Dr. Lin Chen, University of Illinois at Chicago


Surface Treatments and Coating of Titanium Implants
Surface treatment or coating technology aimed at improving the clinical outcomes of titanium implants. This track is open to all areas of clinical use including dental, orthopedic, and spine.
Track Chair: Dr. Peter Ulrich, Titan Spine


This is a general track that covers biomaterial composites for various applications.
Track Chair: Dr. Erik Erbe, NuVasive


This is a general track that covers sensor technology that will be or is currently applied to improve healing.
Track Chair: Dr. Randy Avent, North Carolina State University


Biomedical Imaging
This track is to discuss specific clinical needs for advanced biomedical imaging or to showcase a new imaging technology.
Track Chair: Dr. Andy Larson, Northwestern University


Radiation Treatment
This track will focus on biomaterial radiation treatment options, current products, future products, and new areas or methods of treatment.
Track Chair: Dr. Riad Salem, Northwestern University


Hemostasis and Blood Loss Control
Hemostatic devices, advanced tourniquets, and other blood loss control technologies. Insight into current technologies and desirable future development are other acceptable topics.



9:15 – 10:30 a.m.

This panel discussion, featuring Peter Ullrich, Titan Spine; Hyun Bae, Cedars Sinai Hospital Spine Institute; David Greenspan, Spinode Consulting; and Barbara Boyan, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University will explore what cells need to generate bone in the interbody space and include: (1) data on old versus new surface and the biological activity it generates; and (2) bench data and FEA analysis on engineered versus materials modulus as it relates to bone grafts stress sharing within a cage.


Concurrent tutorial sessions take place September 13 from 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Licensing Technology from a Public University, What in the World Were you Thinking?

Keith Strassner, Missouri University of Science and Technology


CE Marking of Medical Devices
Matthew O’Donnell, British Standards Institution


Materials Data Impact on Device Design

Gary Mushock, ASM International


Systematic materials selection – How to Optimize Product Performance While Lowering Risk

Kristen Roenigk, Granta Design




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