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S2: Spectral Conversion Materials for Energy Applications



More efficient energy conversion technologies are an essential challenge facing the increasing demand for energy supply. Spectral conversion luminescent materials are potential candidates to increase the efficiency of solar cells as well as other environmentally relevant technologies, such as photocatalysis. Even the most efficient single-junction solar cells present energy losses of ~30% due to thermalization of high-energy photons and ~20% due to transparency of sub-bandgap photons. Downconversion or quantum cutting, luminescent downshifting, and upconversion are alternatives to diminish these losses by manipulating the solar spectrum. Thus, rational design of suitable optical materials is crucial, with approaches reaching from novel host materials and dopant optimization for upconversion and downconversion materials to hybrid materials for energy conversion enhancement.


This symposium will bring together different yet complimentary approaches for development and application of spectral conversion materials for the energy sector. Topics will focus on spectral conversion materials, with emphasis on materials design, characterization, hybrid structures, mechanisms, device fabrication, and innovative approaches and applications.


Proposed Session Topics:

  • Upconversion, downconversion, and luminescent downshifting for solar cells   
  • Lanthanides, dyes, and quantum dots for photovoltaic applications 
  • Spectral conversion for photocatalytic and water-splitting applications  
  • Triplet–triplet annihilation photon-upconversion     
  • Plasmonic and photonic manipulation of conversion processes     
  • Novel upconversion and downconversion materials—including sustainable and green synthesis approaches—such as nano-particles, macro- and micro-sized structures, composites, and antenna for NIR harvesting  
  • Application-oriented approaches in spectral conversion


Symposium Organizers

  • Eva Hemmer, National Institute of Scientific Research, Canada
  • Marta Quintanilla, National Institute of Scientific Research–Energy Materials Telecommunications, Canada
  • Jose Marques-Hueso, Heriot Watt University, UK


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