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3rd International Conference on Electrospinning (Archive)



Final Program


Meeting Description  

Electrospin 2014 is a biennial event created to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and students to exchange knowledge and advance the field of electrospinning, nanomaterials and their applications. The conference addresses theory; all materials, including polymers, metals and ceramics; applications in energy storage and harvesting; filtration; materials for sustainability; biomedical applications and more. Special focus will be given to the fast growing field of ceramic nanomaterials.

Session Topics  

Download the final program, which covered:

  • Advances in electrospinning theory and modeling
  • Energy storage and harvesting with electrospun or sprayed materials
  • Novel developments in electrospinning and other nanofiber fabrication technologies
  • Polymer nanofibers
  • Ceramic and composite nanofibers
  • Biomedical applications of electrospun materials
  • Filtration and textiles
  • Electrospinning for green materials and sustainability
Who Attended  

Professionals in the academic field and industry. Newcomers to the field were highly welcome and profited from the high quality presentations from top scientists and engineers around the world. Students met and learned from the best and had a chance to interact with companies that electrospin or fabricate nanomaterials.

Wolfgang Sigmund

Wolfgang Sigmund

University of Florida

Phone: +1-352-846-3343

Younan Xia

Younan Xia

Georgia Tech

Phone: +1-404-385-3209


Program Committee  
  • Il-Doo Kim, KAIST
  • Wolfgang Sigmund, University of Florida, USA
  • Younan Xia, Georgia Tech, USA
  • Jennifer Andrew, University of Florida, USA

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