Annually awarded for the best cements paper published by ACerS during the previous year.
The Brunauer Award is awarded annually to the author(s) of the best refereed paper on cements published during the previous calendar year in the Bulletin or the Journal of the American Ceramic Society. Eligible papers must be nominated by a Fellow of the Society who is a member of the Cements Division. Self-nominations are not permitted. The winner(s) will receive a certificate at the Cements Division Business Meeting.

A committee made up of officers of the Cements Division will judge papers based on scientific quality, originality and overall presentation.

This award honors Dr. Stephen Brunauer, who spent much of his career studying cements. A native of Hungary, Brunauer came to the United States in 1921 and received a PhD from Johns Hopkins University in 1933. He was a professor emeritus of Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY when he died in 1986. He is perhaps best known as an author of the famous 1938 BET paper (Brunauer, Emmett, and Teller) on “Adsorption of Gases in Multi-Molecular Layers.” His contributions to cements include a well known microstructural model of the C-S-H gel phase of cement paste. Stephen Brunauer received the Cements Division Award of Distinction, later renamed the Copeland Award, in 1977.

Deadline for Nominations:

January 15th annually