The final list of the Graduate Excellence in Materials Science Awards (presented by ACerS Basic Science Division) are:

Diamond Awards
Jimmy Shi
Segregation, Disordering and Wetting at Molybdenum Grain Boundaries and Their Implications in Activated Sintering
Clemson University

Hamid Azizi-Alizamini
Phase Field Modeling of Austenite Formation from Ferrite-Carbide Aggregates
University of British Columbia

Craig Przybyla
Microstructure-Sensitive Extreme Value Probabilities of Fatigue in Advanced Engineering Alloys
Georgia Institute of Technology

Sapphire Awards
Sudhakar Shet
Bandgap-reduced P-type ZnO Films by Co-doping of Cu and Ga for Improving Photoelectrochemical Response
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Weronika Walkosz
Interfaces of Silicon Nitride Ceramics: Direct Imaging and First-Principles Calculations
University of Illinois at Chicago

Yaodong Yang
Solid State Synthesis of Perovskite-Spinel Nanocomposites
Virginia Tech

Shaun Gittard
Two Photon Polymerization of Organically-Modified Ceramic Materials
North Carolina State University

Sarthak Havelia
Novel Approaches to the Growth of Epitaxial BiMnO3 Thin Films
Carnegie Mellon University

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