The Ceramographic Exhibit & Competition, is an annual poster exhibit to promote the use of microscopy and microanalysis as tools in the scientific investigation of ceramic materials. This year’s competition was held during the ACerS Annual Meeting on October 9, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pa. in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. First and second place winners were selected for the scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy categories. The Roland B. Snow award was presented for Best in Show. 

Congratulations to:

Roland B. Snow Award for Best in Show:

“Heavy Seas” –Kevin P. Anderson, Richard P. Vinci, and Helen M. Chan; Lehigh University

Scanning electron microscopy:

1st Place – “MXene Lion, the King of Catalysis”–Babak Anasori, Saleesha Sin, Pavel Lelyukh, and Yuri Gogotsi; Drexel University

2nd Place –“Aluminum Cactus”–Archana Loganathan, Ana Exime, Cheng Zhang, Benjamin Boesl, and Arvind Agarwal; Florida International University 

Transmission electron microscopy:

1st Place – “Phase Boundaries Between Copper and Transition Aluminas During Discontinuous Coarsening”–Michael Kracum, Christopher Marvel, Martin Harmer, and Helen Chan; Lehigh University

2nd Place – “Yttria-Doping Grain Boundaries in Boron Suboxide”–Christopher Marvel, Kristopher Behler, Jennifer Dunn, Jerry LaSalvia, and Martin Harmer; Lehigh University