ACerS Basic Science Division recently announced the winners of its 2018 Graduate Excellence in Materials Science (GEMS) awards. The division sponsors the GEMS award as part of the annual MS&T conference and ACerS Annual Meeting events each year. Congratulations to the 2018 GEMS Award Finalists!

Diamond Ranking:

  • Carli Moorehead, University of Washington, “Optimizing the rheology of ceramic suspensions for direct-write additive manufacturing of advanced armor ceramics”
  • Kai Gong, Princeton University, “In Situ Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering Study on the Water Dynamics During Formation of Sustainable Cements”
  • Jiewei Chen, University of California, Davis, “Energetics and Structure Relations of Solid Phases in Silicon-Oxygen-Carbon System”

Sapphire Ranking:

  • Peter Meisenheimer, University of Michigan, “Structurally Driven Magnetic Disorder in Entropy Stabilized Oxides”
  • Yiyu Li, Alfred University, “Solid-state Sintering of Zinc Sulfide Based Infrared Optical Ceramics”
  • Pranjal Nautiyal, Florida International University, “In-situ Mechanics of a Super-lightweight and Ultra-stiff 3D Graphene-Metal Metamaterial”
  • Michael Presby, University of Akron, “Mode I and Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Properties of a SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composite”
  • Laura Turcer, Brown University, “High-Temperature Interactions between Environmental Barrier Coating (EBC) Ceramics and Calcium-magnesium-alumino-silicate (CMAS) Glass”
  • Shenli Zhang, University of California, Davis, “Atomistic Modeling of La3+ Doping Segregation Effect on Nanocrystalline Yttria-stabilized Zirconia”