GEMS Award Finalists

ACerS Basic Science Division announces the GEMS Award Finalists for 2019. The division sponsors the Graduate Excellence in Materials Science (GEMS) awards as part of the annual MS&T conference and ACerS Annual Meeting events each year.

Congratulations to the 2019 GEMS Award Finalists!

Diamond Ranking:

  • Xin Li Phuah, Purdue University, “Staged microstructural study of flash sintered titania”
  • Beecher Watson, The Pennsylvania State University, “Reactive Sintering and Templated Grain Growth of CuO-doped PIN-PMN-PT Ceramics”
  • Talia Barth, University of Michigan, “Uncovering the oxidation mechanisms of nickel-based alumina-forming alloys”

Sapphire Ranking:

  • Mingyang Zhao, Clemson University, “The impact of Cs stoichiometry on structural features and thermodynamic stability of (BaxCsy)(M,Ti)8O16 (M = Zn2+, Al3+, Ga3+, and Fe3+) hollandite-based ceramic waste forms”
  • Archana Loganathan, Florida International University, “Influence of Annealing Temperature and Time on Phase Stability and Fracture Toughness of Rare-earth Stabilized Zirconia”
  • Jacob Cordell, Colorado School of Mines, “Tuning electronic properties in II-IV-V2 semiconductors via sub-lattice configurational disorder”
  • Kimiko Nakajima, University of California, Davis, “Design of Highly Stable Nanostructured LiMn2O4 for Li-ion battery cathodes”
  • Shenglong Mu, Clemson University, “Rapid Laser Reactive Sintering of Ceramics for 3D Printing of Protonic Ceramic Energy Devices”
  • Yi Yuan, Simon Fraser University, “Effect of PbZrO3-Modification on the Structure and Relaxor Properties of High-TC BiScO3-PbTiO3 Ceramics and Single Crystals”
  • Jun Gao, Clemson University, “Rational anode design for protonic ceramic fuel cells by a one-step phase inversion method”