ACerS forms new Manufacturing Division to meet industry needs | The American Ceramic Society

ACerS forms new Manufacturing Division to meet industry needs

ACerS has formed a new Manufacturing Division to address the needs of members and prospective members worldwide who work in the ceramics and glass manufacturing industry and its supply chain. Forming this new Division, plus partnering to launch Ceramics Expo (April 28-30, 2015 in Cleveland, OH), are two major ACerS strategic initiatives designed to bring together and meet the needs of the ceramics and glass manufacturing community.

Bill Carty, Alfred University, will serve as the inaugural chair of the new division. Carty proposed the new division so that manufacturing companies and their employees have a more defined division within the Society to call their home. He and several supportive members from industry began by developing a plan for transforming the inactive Whitewares and Materials Division (WMD) into a new Manufacturing Division (MD), a proposal that the Board of Directors has endorsed.

The new Division will address the information needs of the ceramic and glass manufacturing industry including manufacturers, raw material suppliers, producers of forming and finishing equipment, kilns, furnaces, quality control instrumentation, and all other devices used to manufacture ceramic and glass products. Although the new Manufacturing Division will encompass the former Whitewares and Materials Division, its focus will be on meeting the much broader needs of today’s manufacturers who produce or use ceramic and glass materials, including the entire supply chain. In addition to enhancing networking opportunities, the Manufacturing Division will address new manufacturing processes and techniques, sustainability, and business and environmental issues. Read more here.

Join for free and get involved! Become a member of the Manufacturing Division at no charge for one year and help set the direction during this important inaugural year. Contact Marcia Stout at or 614-794-5821 to join.