ACerS introduces new AACS Division. Join for free for a year! | The American Ceramic Society

ACerS introduces new AACS Division. Join for free for a year!

ACerS is pleased to introduce its newly renamed and revitalized division called the Art, Archaeology and Conservation Science (AACS) division, formerly known as the Art division. AACS aims to advance the scientific understanding of materials in ceramic and glass art, and to provide information regarding its preservation, creation and interpretation.

Sound interesting and like something you want to be involved in? If yes, you’re invited to join AACS at no charge for a year. Read on!

Lynnette Madsen of the National Science Foundation, Marc Walton of the Getty Conservation Institute, Glenn Gates of the Walters Art Museum, and Katherine Faber of Northwestern University make up the Executive Committee. Their 2013 plans for AACS include participating in the ACerS Annual Meeting in October, arranging an informative tutorial, adding lots of valuable resources to the webpage, and in general – getting the word out about AACS.

Contact Marcia Stout and she will add AACS to your ACerS membership at no charge. After the first year, division dues are $10 per division if you select more than one. One division comes with your ACerS membership at  no charge.