The American Ceramics Society journal editors and staff are making the journals more accessible to the ACerS members with new initiatives and publishing changes.

    • Division Papers:  Titles and links to recently published articles of interest to each division are posted on their websites on We open these articles as free-to-read so you can access them directly from the web-links. Of course you can access and download these and any article by logging into and following the member links to our journal webpages.

    • “Virtual” Issues: Virtual issues are compilations of articles across the three journals highlighting a specific topic or theme. You can find these issues at:

The virtual issues are updated quarterly. The current virtual issue highlights authors from the recent EAM and ICACC conferences. Coming soon is the bioceramics virtual issue to celebrate the launch of ACerS bioceramics division. The editors have compiled a virtual issue demonstrating the wealth of information we have published from basic science of core-shell bioceramics to crystallization studies on bioglass to robocasting for biomedical applications. So visit our virtual issue pages often for the latest on the science and engineering of ceramic and glass.

    • The editors of the journals have revamped the aims and scopes of our journals to clarify and expand the topics authored and audiences addressed by each. Furthermore, the publishing process has been accelerated so that our authors’ great articles are available to our members and journal readers more quickly.

Questions and comments about your journal membership benefits can be directed to Jonathon Foreman, Managing Editor, at