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ACerS Participates in Mini-Materials Camp

Grade school and high school students from the Houston area were able to join in the materials engineering excitement through hands-on demonstrations at the mini-materials camp on Tuesday, Oct. 19, and Wednesday, Oct. 20, during MS&T’10 in Houston, Texas.  Students visited a variety of demonstration booths, where they learned about many different materials, such as structural materials, high-temperature steels, shape memory alloys, and glasses.  In keeping with the rocket scientist theme this year at MS&T, the ACerS demonstration table gave students a first-hand experience of the insulating power of space shuttle tiles. Students learned how glass fibers are made, how color is created in glass, and how normally elastic materials, like racquetballs and marshmallows, become brittle and shatter when cooled with liquid nitrogen. The students in attendance said they had a blast seeing the demonstrations and learning about interesting materials.


The demonstrations were performed by ACerS PCSA delegates.  The delegates were a big hit and favored amongst the student visitors.