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ACerS/Wiley Download Direct program: Try it out! 

Have you tried the ACerS/Wiley Download Direct program? ACerS’ publishing partner Wiley has made 500 journal articles per month from their comprehensive Online Library (each valued at $30) available to members for free! Not every Wiley journal is part of the program, but many are, so give it a try. Since the number of downloads is limited to 500 per month, ACerS requests that each member download only one article per month. The program is now open to students.  

To download your free article, log in at the top of, then click on Resources, then on the Download Direct link. Click on the link to the Wiley Online Library. DO NOT log into the Wiley site. Select a topic, search for an article, then click on the pdf or html link.

Contact Marcia Stout if you have questions or problems logging in. If you are challenged to pay when you click on “download pdf,” that journal is probably not in the program.  Contact Marcia and she can check with Wiley.