The purpose of this award is to recognize the abilities of a young scientist who would like to present a paper at an International Congress on Glass, and to provide funds to make this possible.


Any young scientist 35 years old or less, whose research and publications in the field of glass science shows ingenuity, initiative, and above all, innovative thinking. Recipients of this award may be nominated by themselves, their colleagues, teachers, supervisors, or other appropriate persons.


Provides up to $2500 in travel expenses for the recipient’s attendance at the 26th International Congress on Glass in Berlin, Germany from July 3-8, 2022. The recipient must present a paper at the Congress and provide a manuscript. A certificate and a suitable memento will be presented during the Congress.


Nominations with supporting material must be received no later than May 20, 2022.

Supporting material will include letter(s) of recommendation along with the nominee’s CV and list of publications; the selection committee may request additional supporting information. The winner will be notified before June 15, 2022.  


An anonymous selection committee is appointed by the USA delegates to the International Glass Commission. The award is co-sponsored by the International Commission on Glass and the Pennsylvania State University. 


Chair of the Glass & Optical Materials Division of The American Ceramic Society who will distribute the nomination material to the selection committee. Nominations by email are preferred; please send to:

Dr. Gang Chen
Ohio University                                                               


             1977                       Peter Schultz                                         Corning, USA

             1980                       Denis Ravaine                                      University of Grenoble, France

             1983                       Bruno Smets                                         Phillips, The Netherlands

             1986                       George Scherer                                     Dupont, USA

             1989                       Terry Michalske                                   Sandia, USA

             1992                       Yuichi Watanabe                                Nagayoka Univ. of Tech, Japan

             1995                       Edward Pope                                        Matech, USA

             1998                       Sabyasachi Sen                                   University of Wales, UK

             2001                       Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem           Otto Schott Inst., Germany

             2004                       Matthew J. Dejneka                            Corning, USA

             2007                       Akitoshi Hayashi                                 Osaka University, Japan

             2010                       John Mauro                                          Corning, USA

             2013                       Lothar Wondraczek                            University of Jena, Germany

             2016                       Qiang Fu                                                Corning, USA
             2019                      Thomas D. Bennett                            University of Cambridge, UK