Does Your Membership Expire in December? | The American Ceramic Society

Does Your Membership Expire in December?

Attention ACerS Members:  it’s the old 80/20 rule…80% of all ACerS memberships expire on December 31st.  If you’re in this group, you can easily renew your membership in one of three ways: 

Online renewal at  Note that you’ll need your username and password.   

Phone/Fax/Mail renewal: contact customer service at 866-721-3322 (U.S.); or 1-614-890-4700 (outside U.S.), by fax at 301-206-9789, or email

Mail dues to: The American Ceramic Society, L-2625, P.O. Box 600001, Columbus, OH 43260-2625


Membership provides access to both resources and a network of people that you’ll find invaluable. Please renew today!